Since You've Been Gone

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sea World Adventure

Here are some pictures from our Trip to Sea World.

Fun with Elmo and Friends

Feeding the Dolphins.  Yes we were that close. 
 They enjoyed watch us as much as we enjoyed watching them.

Feeding the sea lions

Breydon's first roller coaster.

Breydon's 2nd roller coaster.  Thought he would hate it, no he wanted to go again.  That is my 4 year old.

Grady loves Orcha and dolphins.  Since our trip he has become obsessed.  He watches a dolphin documentary everyday, some days up to 5 times if we will let him.

Aaron's Deployment Home Coming

Grady chowing down on cookies at 1am as we are waiting for Aaron to arrive home from his deployment.

Chalk buddies.  They were covered in chalk and I had to change them into different jammies before putting them back to bed.

Daddy's first hug.  Notice Breydon's chalky bum. Grady would not let go.  He clung for dear life.  The first time we took Aaron back to work Grady almost had a heart attack because he did not realize Aaron was going to come back.

Chilling with Daddy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ehle Family Update

We are currently living in Texas were Aaron is stationed for his military service.  We are also expecting baby number 3 and are very excited to be having a girl this time around. I am due Christmas Day!!!!

Breydon started preschool this year.  It has been quite an adjustment as he is attending an all day preschool 5 days a week.  He is loving every minute of it.  Grady has been enjoying his solitude and spends much of the day playing by himself.  It is a bit of a reprieve as Breydon always wanted Mommy right by his side when he did anything.  I am finding I get so much more done with my time when I am motivated to get stuff done.

Aaron is enjoying being home from his short deployment and has just started back to work.  We are enjoying his 8 hour shifts greatly, much improvement to 12 hour shifts.  I am hoping it last for a while.

We recently went on a family vacation to Sea World San Antonio.  We had a heaps of fun and enjoyed our day there.  I will finally be posting new pictures as soon as I can figure out why my USB cord to the camera is not working.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grady is almost walking

Grady's Reaction

Visit with Daddy

Here is Breydon's reaction to seeing Aaron for the first time in 11 weeks.

About Me

Aaron and I grew up in the same ward and he finally convinced me to marry him after I returned home from my mission. Well actually it did not take any convincing. Three weeks after coming home we fell madly in love and were married 6 months later. We now have two beautiful little boys who are the pride and joys of our lives.